Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is this ... DVDCorral thing anyway?

A : DVDCorral is an online DVD Catalog. That means you can record all of the DVDs, HD DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs that you own in your own Personal Database. Our users have told us that they use it for all kinds of things. Some say they use it purely for organization, others say it helps them keep from buying the same movie twice, some use it to build a Birthday or Christmas list for friends. Whatever your reason, signup and see why everyone loves!

Online Movies

Q : What can I do in "Browse"?

The Search or Browse section allows you to search for movies. Use the "All" category to find DVDs to add to your personal collection or to find Blu-ray or DVD movies to purchase. You can use the Amazon Digital and Netflix Instant sections to find movies to watch online.

Q : Are the online movies free?

That all depends. For users who already have an existing Netflix account, you will find that Netflix Instant movies typically come with your paid subscription. The Amazon Digital movies tend to range from $1.99 for cheap rentals to $15.99 or so for purchases.

Q : If I buy a Digital Download, does that mean I can keep watching it

Yes, Digital Downloads work much like an actual DVD. Once you purchase it, you own it. Amazon even keeps track of them for you, so once you're done watching it, you can delete it from your hard drive. You can always download it again from Amazon when you next decide to watch it.

Q : Do I have to watch Online Movies on my computer, or can I use my TV?

A : Good news -- most users will be able to watch these movies on their TV like a regular movie. This can be accomplished in several ways. Netflix and Amazon both support a number of devices for watching from your TV. Here are the details from their respective websites:

Q : Can I just list movies in a particular genre?

A : Sure! Simply click on "All Genres" in the dropdown on the upper left of the search page and select the genre you would like to browse through.

Personal DVD Catalog

Q : Just how free is it?

A : DVDCorral is a completely free DVD Cataloging system. There are no tiers of service, no additional criteria which require a subscription. We're just glad to have you aboard.

Q : If I signup for a free account, will you spam me to death?

A : Absolutely not! We don't like spam either, so we won't be sending you any. Occasionally, we may send out information pertinent to our users, but frankly it doesn't usually happen more than once every 3 or 4 months.

Q : I have a lot of DVDs. Does DVDCorral have any kind of accelerated scanning technique?

A : Glad you asked! DVD Corral has a scan accelerator that works with any barcode scanner. You can usually buy a CueCat on Ebay for less than $15 and our Ultra-fast scan will make it a zip. No clicking. No key punching. Just scan. For more information, see our article on How to Quickly Scan DVDs with a CueCat Barcode Scanner.

Q : Ok, but just how fast does this work?

A : We find users typically can scan about 100 movies in 5 minutes. YMMV.

Q : I love the site, but it would be great if it had feature X. Is it something that might get worked on?

A : Sure. We're adding new features all the time, and we typically work first on those with the most inquiries. If there's something you'd like to see added to the site, just e-mail us at Someone will usually get back to you within the next 24 hours.

Q: Is there a limit to how many DVDs I can have?

A : No, we don't set any hard limits. If we detect abuse that would be different, but as long as your actually storing and collecting your own DVD collection, it's free to be as big as you can make it!

Importing / Scanning DVDs

Q : I already have a catalog from a software package or another site. Can I use that collection here without re-entering all the movies again?

A : Absolutely! As long as you can obtain an export file (CSV, XML, etc.) from your other program, you can use it to create your collection to DVDCorral. We import movies based UPC, so the export file must include a field labled 'UPC' for us to correctly import it.

Q : How do I import a collection?

A : Once you have logged in, choose "Add Movies". From that page, you can select "Batch Import" which will allow you to either upload a file or directly paste it into the textbox.

Q : Can I export my collection?

A : Yes! Currently, you will find it under the "Add" menu once you have logged into your account. From that page, there is a link at the bottom of the page under the second "import" box.