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Amazon Instant Video on PS3

April 5, 2012
Amazon Instant Video on PS3

Amazon Instant Video, now on Playstation 3

How could I sum this up in a single word?  Unprecedented? Huh-uh.  Inconceivable?  No, and I’ve been watching too much The Princess Bride.  Stupendous?  Nope.  Ah, yes.  FINALLY!

You have been able to watch Amazon Instant Movies on a computer.  You could buy a Roku player and watch them there.  Mobile users could watch Amazon movies on a Kindle Fire.  Heck, you could watch them on a desert island with a Samsung TV and an Internet connection (and really, what could be more appropriate than Cast Away).  But, for the first time on Tuesday, Sony announced that you can finally watch Amazon Instant Videos on your Playstation 3.

While I have a growing collection of Blu-ray discs and an old collection of DVDs, most of my viewing is done through one online service or another.  Amazon has great quality on their downloads, and they seem to be priced better than some of their competitors.  Their selection is outstanding, so if I’m not finding something interesting on Netflix, I’m using renting or buying it from Amazon.  Plus with the processing power on the PS3, I’m curious to see if the quality will be even better than on my Samsung TV.  Generally, I find that’s the case with Netflix, so it only stands to reason that Amazon will have better quality that way as well.

For more details, you can check out the information on PS3 Instant Videos at

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