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The Hunger Games – Beyond the Hype

March 26, 2012
Hunger Games - Bow + Arrow

The Hunger Games - Worth the hype?

With the amount of hype behind The Hunger Games, it was hard to fill its own shoes.  A unique story line goes a long way to making this movie worth watching.  Did it fill the shoes?  Depends on how much hype you read.

The movie was actually quite good if you managed to go into it with no expectations.  The characters are like-able, the premise is unique and the action scenes definitely draw you in.  I picture Suzanne Collins (the author) sitting down to think about what would happen if all the worlds reality TV shows were combined into one and run by Adolf Hitler (which, as it turns out, is almost true).  The premise definitely has a spark of contemporary TV in it, but they did a great job turning it into its own theme that succeeds at avoiding the copy-cat genre.

Do you remember the day in Jr. High English when you learned the word “denouement”?  Neither do the writers.  I haven’t read the book, but the movie ends in a way that just screams “We’re going to sell you the sequel!!”  Sell me the DVD.  Sell me the Video on Demand download.  Sell me the T-shirt.  But don’t sell me the next movie, while I’m trying to enjoy this one.  Without trying to give too much away, the ending really cheapened it for me.  They were a little too focused on generating revenue from the next revision and not focused enough on the post-climax of what was otherwise a good movie.

I hate it when I love a movie until the last 20 seconds.

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March 1, 2012

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