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Star Wars on Blu-ray now!

January 13, 2011

Yes, George Lucas, you get my money again.  First, you didn’t release Star Wars on DVD because you didn’t know if it would be a legitimate medium.   I bought the VHS versions.  Then you released the mastered versions on DVD.  I bought them on DVD.  Then, you released the original versions which were never available before on DVD.  I bought those too.

Just when I thought I was all done handing George Lucas my money, LucasFilm announced the release of all 6 episodes of Star Wars on Blu-ray Disc, which will be available September, 2011.  Lucas said they will sell for $139.99 for the complete set, but you can (at the time of this writing) save 50% if you pre-order StarWars from

Yes, I did already pre-order mine.  Yes, George Lucas, you get my money one more time.

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