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Custom Genres, Numbers and unique fields

May 6, 2009

You asked.  We answered.  DVDCorral now supports 4 new custom fields.  The first two are completely arbitrary — you name them what you want and use them for what you want.  This is DVDs your way baby!  The 3rd field is a genre field.  We’ve heard a lot of requests for this, so we’ve added it.  We have made it separate from the first two fields because we may do something in the future like use the DVDs genre unless you’ve specified a custom genre.  Then you’d have the option of overriding in the case where you’ve specified a genre.

Finally, we added a number field.  At first glance, this might seem a little odd, but we think it will be very useful for some users.  The first three fields are always treated as text, which means if you sort them 100 comes before 11.  Number field to the rescue!  In the case that you need to assign each of your DVDs a unique number, you can now use this field and sort them as numbers.  Why?  Well, for example, if you have a 500-disc DVD player, you might want to track which slot number each DVD was stored in.  Now, no more plunking through pages of notebook paper, just pick the DVD you want to watch from DVDCorral and whala!  Now you know what slot # it’s in.

To enable these new fields, simply go to the “Settings” page once you’re logged in.  At the very bottom of the page you can choose which custom fields you’d like to enable and what you would like to label them (yes, you can even re-label the custom genre or number fields).  To enable them in your “Detail” view, just select the appropriate option directly above the custom field settings in the display list.

That should have you up and running with custom fields.  As always, if you’ve got questions, comments, or suggestions we’d love to hear them!


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  1. Finally, forward thinking people. I’m one of those peeps with multiple DVD Changers (4). I always wanted to be able to tell what changer/slot# a movie is in from the database. I currently use a binder with a list created in ONENOTE. Thanks for making my life a little easier.

    Peace… Netm8kr

    Comment by Netm8kr — May 12, 2009 @ 10:50 am

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