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Would it be a Quantum Leap to connect Star Trek to Chuck again?

April 14, 2009

Someone recently added a couple of seasons of Quantum Leap to their DVD Catalog.  Watching the DVDs rotate through the “Recent Adds” section reminded me of last week’s Chuck Episode.   In a previous post, I mentioned that several actors of Star Trek fame had wondered into Chuck.  Well, the list continues…

None other than Scott Bakula appears as Chuck’s father in Chuck Versus the Dream Job.   Of course, if you’re a Star Trek fan, you know Scott appeared as Captain Jonathan Archer in the Star Trek Enterprise series.  Scott appears as an important character on Chuck, but one that could easily go away as well.  I’d love to see him stick around, but we’ll have to see how the series plays out.

For what it’s worth, Chevy Chase also appeared in this episode of Chuck.   I was surprised to see that his role wasn’t entirely goofy; he did a good job too.

Well, the first two articles here have been about Chuck, so hopefully we’ll get some variety in the future.  They rotate a lot of interesting actors through the show though, so don’t be surprised if it does show up in another post in the upcoming weeks.  That’s our actor tidbits for the day — hope you enjoyed!

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