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April 20, 2009

Digital downloads are now working in various places across DVDCorral.  This is exciting for us because it’s the first expansion past organizing a catalog of physical DVDs.  Now when you’re viewing friends movies, or just browsing titles you can instantly watch any that are available for digital download.

You may have noticed that you can Buy or Rent downloadable movies.  Rental prices tend to be between $1.99 and $3.99 and can be watched for the next 24 hours after your purchase (multiple times if you so choose).  Purchases are kept indefiniately on the Amazon servers, so you can even download them if you delete the file or wipe your hard drive.  That was my personal favorite; I hate it when I “buy” music, only to find that I no longer own it since my drive crashed.  When you click “Buy” or “Rent” it will take you to the preview, so you’ll still have the option to purchase after you watch the trailer or preview.

You can also view titles as we find them under stats and we’ll probably be adding a section to browse movies soon.  Let us know if you have suggestions to make the digital content more accessible or easier to use.  I’m finding it a quick way to watch a movie I didn’t get around to buying yet — hopefully you’ll find it at least as useful!

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