Christian, Luci

Gravion Zwei #1: Eye Of The StormAnime4:3MA13
Super GALS!: Rule #5: It's Okay To Have A Change Of HeartAnime4:3MA15
Pretear #3Anime4:3MA15
Gravion #1: Zeravire (Collector's Box)Anime4:3MA13
DNAngel #7: The Light BreaksAnime4:3MA13
Elfen Lied: Vector 1 (w/ Collector's Art Box)Anime4:3MA15
Full Metal Panic!: Mission 02Anime4:3MA15
Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid: Tactical Ops 04Anime4:3MA15
Samurai 7 #4: Battle For Kanna (Limited Edition)Anime4:3MA13
Samurai 7 #4: Battle For KannaAnime4:3MA13
Samurai 7 #5: Empire In FluxAnime4:3MA13
Angelic Layer #3: Idol Worship (Alternate UPC)Anime4:3MA13
Full Metal Panic!: Mission 03Anime4:3MA15
DNAngel #6: Ice & DarknessAnime4:3MA13
Angelic Layer #6: Inherit The LayerAnime4:3MA13
Negima!: Magic 401: Magical Enchanments (Limited Edition)Anime4:3MA15
Gravion Zwei #3: Humanity's EdgeAnime4:3MA13
Angelic Layer #5: Deus Ex MachinaAnime4:3MA13
Gravion #1 - 3: The Complete Collection (Uncut/ ThinPak)Anime4:3MA13
Gravion Zwei #1 - 3: Complete CollectionAnime4:3MA13
Puni Puni PoemyAnime4:3MA17
Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid: Tactical Ops 01 (Limited Edition/ w/ Collector's Box)AnimeLBX, 16:9MA15
Angelic Layer #4: Faith, Hope And LoveAnime4:3MA13
Cyberteam In Akihabara #1 - 6: Complete CollectionAnime4:3MA13
Samurai 7 #2: Escape From The MerchantsAnime4:3MA13
Gravion: Seasons 1 And 2Anime4:3MA13
Angelic Layer #1 - 7: Complete CollectionAnime4:3MA13
Kaleido Star #2: All Things Great & Small (Ani-Mini)Anime4:3MA13
CyberTeam In Akihabara #3: Cyber HistoryAnime4:3MA13
Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid: Tactical Ops 01AnimeLBX, 16:9MA15
Kaleido Star: New Wings #4: Return To The Rising SunAnime4:3MA13
Desert Punk #1: Into The DesertAnime4:3MA15
Pretear #1 (Collector's Box)Anime4:3MA15
Gravion Zwei #1: Eye Of The Storm (w/ Art Box)Anime4:3MA13
Gunslinger Girl #3: II Silenzio Delle Stelle: The Silence Of The StarsAnimeLBX, 16:9MA13
Full Metal Panic!: Mission 01Anime4:3MA15
Kaleido Star #1: Welcome To The Kaleido Stage (Collector's Box)Anime4:3MA13
Negima!: Magic 301: Practical Application Of MagicAnime4:3MA15
Full Metal Panic!: Mission 05Anime4:3MA15
Negima!: Magic 401: Magical EnchanmentsAnime4:3MA15