Beck, Jackson

Superman (VAR/ Movie Classics), Vol. 2: 8 Full Length EpisodesAnimation4:3NR
Superman (VAR/ GoodTimes Media/ 2-Pack): Superman Vs. Nature & War/Superman Vs. The Monsters & VillainsAnimation4:3NR
Superman Vs. Nature & War: Jungle Drums / Eleventh Hour / Japoteurs / Volcano / Terror On The Midway / Showdown / Secret AgentAnimation4:3NR
Cartoon Craze Presents: Little LuLu & Little Audrey: Chick and Double ChickAnimation4:3NR
TV Cartoon Classics, Vol. 5: The Dog Show-Off / A Mutt In A Rut / A Self-Made Mongrel / Base Brawl / Scotty Finds A Home / ...Animation4:3NR
Popeye's 75th Anniversary: Fists Of Fury / Greatest Tall Tales And Heroic Adventures / When Popeye Ruled The Seven Seas / ...Animation4:3NR
G.I. Joe: Season 2, Part 1Animation4:3NR
Tennessee Tuxedo: The Best Of Tennessee Tuxedo And TalesAnimation4:3NR
G.I. Joe: Season 1, Part 1Animation4:3NR
G.I. Joe: The Original Series (Box Set)Animation4:3NR
Cartoon Craze Presents: Superman: ShowdownAnimation4:3NR
Superman Vs. Nature & War / When Popeye Ruled The World / Casper The Friendly GhostAnimation4:3NR
Cartoon Classics (2-Disc): All's Fair At The Fair / Ancient Fistory / Ants In The Plants / Assault And Flattery / Be Human / ...Animation4:3NR
Cartoon Craze Presents: Superman & Popeye: Cookin' With GagsAnimation4:3NR
Cartoon Craze Presents: The 3 Stooges and Friends: Safari So GoodAnimation4:3NR
Popeye: Fists Of Fury: Parlez Vous Woo / Spree Lunch / Nearlyweds / I Don't Scare / The Crystal Brawl / Spooky Swabs / ...Animation4:3NR
Children's Cartoon Classics: Popeye / Beety Boop And Friends / Tom Thumb And Friends / The Three Stooges And Friends / ...Animation4:3NR
G.I. Joe: Season 1, Part 2Animation4:3NR
The Superman Cartoons of Max and Dave FleischerAction & AdventureDVD-VideoNR
The Complete Superman Cartoons - Diamond Anniversary EditionAction & AdventureFull ScreenNR
Remington Steele - Season 3ComedyFull ScreenNR
The Best of Tennessee Tuxedo and His TalesAnimationDVD-VideoNR
Casper:Boo Moon [VHS]NTSCNR
Popeye (Animated)Kids & FamilyAcademy RatioPG
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero!/The Revenge of CobraNTSCNR
Max Fleischer's SupermanAction & AdventureDVD-VideoNR
Cartoon Crazy's ChristmasAnimationAcademy RatioNR
Cartoon Crazys: Goes to WarClassicsAcademy RatioUnrated
Cartoon Crazy's Spooky ToonsAnimationDVD-VideoNR
Popeye: The 1960's Animated Classics Collection (1960)NTSC