Abel, Walter

Tales Of Tomorrow: Collection 1 Of 1st Season ShowsTV Classics4:3NR
Silent Night, Bloody Night (Direct Source)Horror4:3NR
Fury (1936)Drama4:3NR
Silent Night, Bloody Night (Mill Creek Entertainment)Horror4:3R
Tales Of Tomorrow: Collection 2 Of 1st Season ShowsTV Classics4:3NR
Wake IslandWar4:3NR
Holiday InnMusical4:3NR
Great Horror Classics, Vol. 03: Silent Night, Bloody Night / Scared to Death / Good Against Evil / Kill, Baby Kill / ...Horror4:3NR
So Proudly We Hail!Drama4:3NR
Bette Davis Collection, Vol. 1: Mr. Skeffington / The Star / Dark Victory / The Letter / Now VoyagerDrama4:3NR
Dance, Girl, DanceComedy/Drama4:3NR
Michael Shayne, Private Detective Collection, Vol. 1: Michael Shayne, Private Detective / The Man Who Wouldn't Lie / ...Mystery & Suspense4:3NR
Tales Of Tomorrow (Genius Products/ 3 Episodes): Frankenstien / The Crystal Egg / Appointment On MarsTV Classics4:3NR
Mr. SkeffingtonDrama4:3NR
Indian FighterWesternLBXNR
Great Horror Classics, Vol. 05 & 06: Silent Night, Bloody Night / Scared To Death / Just Before Dawn / ...Horror4:3NR
Silent Night, Bloody Night (St. Clair Entertainment)Horror4:3R
Tales Of Tomorrow #1: Frankenstein / The Crystal Egg / Appointment On Mars/ Ice From SpaceTV Classics4:3NR
Great Horror Classics, Vol. 05: Silent Night, Bloody Night / Scared To Death / Good Against Evil / Just Before DawnHorror4:3NR
Raintree CountyDrama4:3NR
Silent Night, Bloody Night (Alpha Video)Horror4:3R
Silent Night, Bloody Night (Miracle Pictures)Horror4:3R
13 Rue MadeleineWar4:3NR
Island In The Sky (Collector's Editon)Action & Adventure4:3NR
Evil Places: 4 Movie Set: Silent Night, Bloody Night / Don't Look In The Basement / Satan's School FHorror4:3NR
Mr. SkeffingtonDramaDVD-VideoNR
13 Rue MadeleineAction & AdventureFull ScreenNR
Holiday Inn (Special Edition)ComedyFull ScreenNR
The Indian FighterAction & AdventureFull ScreenNR
Law of the UnderworldDramaNTSCNR
Island In The Sky (Special Collector's Edition)Action & AdventureFull ScreenNR
Holiday InnPan & ScanNR
Holiday Inn [Blu-ray]Pan & ScanNR