Winninger, Charles

Lady Takes A ChanceWestern4:3NR
Pot O' Gold (Ideal Entertainment) / Made For Each OtherComedy4:3NR
Beyond Tomorrow (1940/ Movie Classics)Fantasy4:3NR
Ziegfeld Girl / Broadway Melody Of 1940 (2-Pack)Musical4:3NR
Beyond ChristmasFamily4:3PG
Comic Genius: Nothing Sacred / Lucy Show: Lucy In Palm SpringsComedy4:3NR
Destry Rides AgainWestern4:3NR
Nothing Sacred (GoodTimes Media)Comedy4:3NR
Three Stooges: Soup To Nuts (Colorized)Comedy4:3NR
Pot O' Gold (Unicorn Video)Musical4:3NR
Pot O' Gold (Platinum)Musical4:3NR
Scrooge (1935/ Alpha Video)Fantasy4:3NR
Scrooge (1935/ Platinum) / Beyond Tomorrow (1940/ Platinum)Fantasy4:3NR
Deanna Durbin Sweetheart Pack: Three Smart Girls / 100 Men And A Girl / First Love / It Started With Eve / Can't Help ... / ...VAR4:3NR
Scrooge (1935/ Woodhaven): / Racket Squad: Christmas Caper / Christmas Comes But Once A YearFantasy4:3NR
Pot O' Gold (Madacy/ 5.1)Musical4:3NR
Ziegfeld GirlMusical4:3NR
Beyond Tomorrow (1940/ VCI)Fantasy4:3NR
Nothing Sacred (Alpha Video)Comedy4:3NR
Pot O' Gold (United American)Musical4:3NR
Pot O' Gold (Alpha Video)Musical4:3NR
Nothing Sacred (KRB Music) / Something To Sing About (Double Feature)Comedy4:3NR
James Stewart Double Feature: Pot O' Gold / Made For Each OtherDrama4:3NR
Nothing Sacred (Lumivision)Comedy4:3NR
Pot O' Gold (LaserLight)Musical4:3NR
Belle Of The YukonWestern4:3NR
Scrooge (1935/ Westlake Media)Fantasy4:3NR
Beyond Tomorrow (1940/ Brentwood)Fantasy4:3NR
Beyond Tomorrow (1940/ Alpha Video)Fantasy4:3NR
Scrooge (1935/ Marengo) / Beyond Tomorrow: Classic Christmas Double FeatureFantasy4:3NR
Pot O' Gold (Madacy/ Mono)Musical4:3NR
Scrooge (1935/ Digiview Entertainment)Fantasy4:3NR
Nothing Sacred (Vox) / Made For Each OtherComedy/Drama4:3NR
Under California Stars (Movie Classics)Western4:3NR
Scrooge (1935/ Platinum) / Beyond TomorrowFantasy4:3NR
James Stewart / Cary Grant: Pot O' Gold / Penny Serenade / The Amazing Adventure / Made For Each OtherComedy4:3NR
Nothing Sacred (Movie Classics)Comedy4:3NR
Pot O' Gold (Madacy) / Made For Each OtherComedy4:3NR
Christmas Classics Collection: Scrooge / Meet John Doe / Santa Claus Conquers The Martians / A Night Before Christmas / ...Special Interest4:3NR
Pot O' Gold (Image)Musical4:3NR