Wagner, Lindsay

High Risk (1981/ Brentwood/ Old Version)Action/Comedy4:3R
Light In The ForestFamily4:3NR
Ricochet / Surviving The GameAction & Adventure4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9R
Callie & Son (Miracle Pictures)Drama4:3NR
High Risk (1981/ Madacy)Action/Comedy4:3R
High Risk (1981/ Direct Source)Action/Comedy4:3R
Paper Chase (Special Edition)DramaLBXPG
Lost In The WildDrama4:3NR
Callie & Son (United American)Drama4:3PG
Danielle Steel's Once In A LifetimeDrama4:3NR
Evil In Clear River (Old Version)Mystery & Suspense4:3R
Ricochet / RosewoodAction & AdventureVARR
Calli & Son (Braun Media)Drama4:3NR
Nightmare At Bittercreek (Old Version/ 2004 Release)Thriller4:3NR
High Risk (1981/ St. Clair Entertainment)Action/Comedy4:3R
Nighthawks (1981/ Universal)Action & AdventureLBX, 16:9R
Surfer KingComedyLBX, 16:9PG-13
Shattered DreamsDrama4:3NR
Evil In Clear RiverMystery & Suspense4:3PG
Murder 101 / NighthawksMystery & Suspense4:3VAR
High Risk (1981/ Miracle Pictures)Action/Comedy4:3R
High Risk (1981/ United American)Action/Comedy4:3R
High Risk (1981/ Platinum) / VirusVAR4:3R
Perfect Heists: 4 Movie Set: High Risk / The Master Touch / The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery / The SqueezeMystery & Suspense4:3VAR
High Risk (1981/ Miracle Pictures) / The Cape Town AffairVAR4:3R
Babies (Old Version)Family4:3G
Nightmare At Bittercreek (Old Version/ 2003 Release)Thriller4:3NR
Fire In The Dark (905 Studios)Drama4:3PG
Voice Of The HeartDrama4:3NR
Fire In The Dark (Trinity Home Entertainement)Drama4:3PG
Callie & Son (Miracle Pictures) / Power, Passion And MurderDrama4:3NR
High Risk (1981/ Digiview Entertainment)Action/Comedy4:3R
Fire In The Dark (Tango Entertainment)Drama4:3NR
High Risk (1981/ Platinum)Action/Comedy4:3R
To Be The Best (1992)Drama4:3NR
Nighthawks (1981/ GoodTimes Media)Action & Adventure4:3R
High Risk (1981/ Westlake Media)Action/Comedy4:3R
Thicker Than Water (2005)Drama4:3NR
High Risk (1981/ Brentwood)Action/Comedy4:3R
Murder 101Mystery & Suspense4:3PG-13