Blaustein, Madeleine

Cubix: The Search For SolexAnime4:3GA
Pokemon: Johto League Champions #4: Path To Johto League ChampionAnime4:3GA
Pokemon: Johto League Champions #1: Road To The Johto League Champions (Pioneer)Anime4:3GA
Pokemon Advanced Battle #07: Shocks & BondsAnime4:3NR
Pokemon Advanced Challenge: Box Set, Vol. 2Anime4:3NR
Cubix: Underground Of Bubble TownAnime4:3GA
Pokemon: Pikachu's Winter Vacation (Old Version)Anime4:3G
Cubix: Dondon For Dinner (Edited)Anime4:3GA
Pokemon: Johto League Champions #1: Road To The Johto League Champions (Viz Entertainment/ Collector's Edition)Anime4:3NR
Pokemon Advanced Challenge #09: Sky High Gym Battle!Anime4:3GA
Pokemon: Destiny DeoxysAnime4:3NR
Pokemon: Johto League Champions #2: Crash Of The DairyAnime4:3GA
Pokemon Master Quest: Part 1 #01: BoxAnimation4:3NR
Pokemon Advanced Challenge #04: Manectric ChargeAnime4:3GA
Pokemon Advanced Challenge #03: Fight For The MeteoriteAnime4:3GA
Pokemon Advanced #7: Abandon ShipAnimation4:3NR
Pokemon Advanced #1: A Ruin With A ViewAnime4:3MA15
Kirby: Escargoon SquadAnime4:3GA
Pokemon Advanced Challenge #01: Love At First FlightAnime4:3GA
Pokemon Advanced Challenge #05: Take The Lombre HomeAnime4:3GA
Pokemon Advanced #4: Stairway To DevonAnimation4:3MA15
Ultimate Muscle #01: A Legend Reborn (Edited)Animation4:3NR
Pokemon Advanced Challenge: Box Set, Vol. 1Anime4:3GA
Pokemon Advanced #6: Three Team SchemeAnime4:3NR
Kirby: Kirby's Egg-Cellent AdventureAnime4:3GA
Pokemon Advanced Battle #04: Eight Ain't EnoughAnime4:3NR
Pokemon Advanced Battle #06: Deceit And AssistAnime4:3NR
Pokemon: Johto League Champions #3: Distance To Johto League ChampionsAnime4:3GA
Pokemon: Johto League Champions #7: Journey's EndAnime4:3NR
Pokemon: Pikachu's Winter VacationAnime4:3G
Kirby: 3-Pack Set (Edited)Animation4:3GA
Pokemon Advanced #2: Tree's A CrowdAnime4:3MA15
Pokemon 4EverAnimation4:3G
Pokemon Advanced Battle #05: Berry, Berry InterestingAnime4:3NR
Pokemon: Movie 8: Lucario And The Mystery Of MewAnime4:3NR
Cubix: The Unfixable Robot (Edited)Anime4:3G
Pokemon Advanced Battle #01: Gaining GroudonAnime4:3NR
Pokemon Advanced Challenge #10: Pokeblock, Stock And BerryAnime4:3GA
Pokemon Advanced #5: Hole Lotta TroubleAnime4:3NR
Pokemon Advanced Challenge #08: That's Just SwellowAnime4:3GA