Kennedy, Douglas

Lone Ranger And The Lost City Of Gold (Pan & Scan)Western4:3 P&SNR
Lone Ranger And The Lost City Of Gold (Pan & Scan / Widescreen)Western4:3 P&S, LBXNR
Sitting Bull (1954/ St. Clair Entertainment)Western4:3NR
War Classics: 50 Movie Pack: Go For Broke / Gung Ho / War Head / Devil's Cavaliers / Escape From Angola / Mark Of The Hawk / ...War4:3NR
American Frontier (3-Disc): Historical Figures: Sitting Bull / Abraham Lincoln / The Legend of Custer / ...Western4:3NR
Go For Broke! (1951/ VCI)Action & Adventure4:3NR
Adventures Of Don JuanAction & Adventure4:3NR
Go For Broke! (1951/ St. Clair Entertainment)War4:3NR
Tales Of Terror: 50 Movie Megapack: Amazing Transparent Man / Ape Man / Bat / Bowery At Midnight / Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari / ...Horror4:3NR
Last WagonWestern4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9NR
Go For Broke! (1951/ Mill Creek Entertainment) / Gung HoWar4:3NR
Alligator PeopleSciFiLBXNR
Go For Broke! (1951/ Marengo) / Battle Of El AlameinWar4:3NR
Classic American Indian Movies: Sitting Bull / Cry Blood, Apache / Battles Of Chief PontiacDrama4:3NR
Amazing Transparent Man (Alpha Video)SciFi4:3NR
Sitting Bull (1954/ Alpha Video)WesternLBXNR
WWII Comes To Hollywood Collection: Go For Broke! (19521) / Gung Ho / A Walk In The SunWar4:3NR
Dark Passage (Snapper Case)Drama4:3NR
Go For Broke! (1951)War4:3NR
Dark PassageDrama4:3NR
Sitting BullWesternsNTSCNR
The Amazing Transparent ManScience Fiction & FantasyNTSCNR
Lone Ranger & The Lost City of GoldMystery & SuspenseWidescreenNR
The Lone Ranger and the Lost City Of GoldMystery & SuspenseNTSCNR
Sci-Fi Classics V.2Science Fiction & FantasyDVD-VideoUnrated
The Amazing Transparent ManDramaNTSC