Lister, Tom 'Tiny', Jr.

Circus (2000/ Special Edition)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Fifth Element (Superbit)SciFiLBX, 16:9PG-13
Wishmaster (Special Edition) / Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (Old Version)Horror4:3R
El Padrino: The Latin GodfatherAction & Adventure4:3NR
Fifth ElementSciFi4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9PG-13
Never 2 BigAction & Adventure4:3R
Dracula 3000Horror4:3R
Body Count (1997)Mystery & Suspense4:3R
Confidence (Lions Gate)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Hair Show (New Line)ComedyLBX, 16:9PG-13
Fifth Element (UMD)SciFiLBX, 16:9, UMDPG-13
Out Kold / Keepin' It RealDrama4:3NR
Immortal CombatAction & Adventure4:3R
Keepin' It RealComedy4:3NR
Confidence (Lions Gate/ Alternate Packaging)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Fifth Element (2-Disc Ultimate Edition)SciFiLBX, 16:9PG-13
Shark In A Bottle (Madacy)Action & Adventure4:3 P&SR
Posse (1993/ MGM/UA)WesternLBXR
Street Corner JusticeAction & Adventure4:3R
Dope Case PendingAction & Adventure4:3NR
Supreme Sanction (Special Edition)Action & AdventureLBX, 16:9R
Shark In A Bottle (Ideal Entertainment)Action & Adventure4:3R
SlammedDramaLBX, 16:9NR
Prime Time Divas Double Feature: Slammed! (2001) / Creature UnknownVARLBX, 16:9NR
Next Friday (Platinum Edition)ComedyLBXR
Slammed (2001/ Old Version)DramaLBX, 16:9NR
Wishmaster / Wishmaster 2: Evil Never DiesHorror4:3R
Fifth Element / GattacaSciFi4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9PG-13
Body Count (1997) / Out Of SyncAction & Adventure4:3R
Fifth Element (Blu-ray/ Old Version)SciFiLBX, 16:9, BLU-RAYPG-13
Jackie Brown (Special Edition)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Confidence (TriMark/ Special Edition)DramaLBXR
Posse (1993/ PolyGram)Western4:3, LBXR
I Got The Hook UpComedy4:3R
Fifth Element (Blu-ray)SciFiLBX, 16:9, BLU-RAYPG-13
Fifth Element (DVD/UMD Combo)SciFi4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9PG-13
Urban War Collection: Dope Case Pending / Out Kold / Straight Out Of Compton / Thug LifeAction & Adventure4:3NR
Immortal Combat / The Killing ManAction & Adventure4:3VAR
Street Corner Justice / Rough AirAction & Adventure4:3VAR