Hurt, William

Dark City (Special Edition)SciFi4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9R
Lost In Space: The Movie (Special Edition)SciFiLBX, 16:9PG-13
King (2005/ Alternate UPC)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Good Shepherd (Widescreen)ThrillerLBX, 16:9R
Tuck Everlasting (Special Edition)FamilyLBXPG
Trial By JuryDramaLBX, 16:9R
Rare BirdsComedyLBXR
Michael (1996)Comedy4:3 P&SPG
Elie Wiesel Goes HomeDocumentary4:3NR
Simian LineDrama4:3NR
Dune (2000/ Special Edition)SciFiLBX, 16:9NR
Gorky ParkDramaLBX, 16:9R
Good Shepherd (Widescreen) / Interpreter (Widescreen) (Back-To-Back)ThrillerLBX, 16:9R
Good Shepherd (Pan & Scan)Thriller4:3 P&SR
Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From The Stories Of Stephen KingDramaLBX, 16:9NR
Varian's WarDrama4:3NR
Children Of A Lesser God (Checkpoint)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Clawed: The Legend Of SasquatchAnimation4:3NR
I Love You To DeathComedy4:3, LBXR
Village (Vista Series/ Widescreen)DramaLBX, 16:9PG-13
Big Brass RingDramaLBX, 16:9R
Body Heat (1981/ Deluxe Edition)ThrillerLBX, 16:9R
Verna: USO GirlDrama4:3NR
Village (Vista Series/ Pan & Scan)Drama4:3 P&SPG-13
Dark City (Special Edition/ Snapper Case)SciFi4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9R
Blue ButterflyDrama4:3NR
Eyewitness (1981)Mystery & SuspenseLBX, 16:9R
Body Heat (1981)Thriller4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9R
History Of ViolenceDramaLBX, 16:9R
Children Of A Lesser GodDramaLBX, 16:9R
Accidental TouristComedy/DramaLBX, 16:9PG
Trial By Jury (Snapper Case)Mystery & SuspenseLBX, 16:9R
Dune (2000/ Movie-Only Edition/ Old Version)SciFiLBX, 16:9NR
King (2005)DramaLBX, 16:9R
A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Special Edition/ Widescreen)SciFiLBX, 16:9PG-13
Good Shepherd (Widescreen) / Interpreter (Widescreen) (Side-By-Side)ThrillerLBX, 16:9R
Alice (1990)ComedyLBX, 16:9PG-13
Dark City (Special Edition/ Snapper Case) / ComaVAR4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9R