Hilton, George

My Dear KillerMystery & SuspenseLBXNR
Mean Guns 20 Movie Pack: Any Gun Can Play / Boot Hill / Cry Blood Apache / Dan Candy's Law / Day of the Wolves / Dead Aim / ...Action & Adventure4:3NR
Spaghetti Westerns (3-Disc): Go Kill And Come Back / The Grand Duel / The Hellbenders / Minnesota Clay / White Commanche / ...Western4:3NR
Massacre TimeWestern4:3NR
Bullet For Sandoval (VCI)WesternLBX, 16:9PG
Strange Vice Of Mrs. WardhThrillerLBX, 16:9R
Gunfighters: 4 Movie SetWestern4:3NR
WWII Action: Battle Of Alamen / Pacific Inferno / Fiver For Hell / Eagles Over London / Battle Of The Last Panzer / ...Action & Adventure4:3NR
Collector's Classics: Spaghetti Westerns: Any Gun Can Play / God's Gun / A Reason To Live, A Reason To Die / Death Rides A HorseWestern4:3NR
Killer Must Kill AgainHorrorLBX, 16:9NR
Battle Of El AlameinWar4:3PG
Tutti I Colori Del Buio (a.k.a. All The Colors Of The Dark)Horror4:3NR
Battles Of WWII: 4-Movie Set: Battle Of The Last Panzer / Battle Of El Alamein / Five For Hell / HitWar4:3NR
Gunslinger Classic 50 Movie Pack: Go Kill And Come Back / Apache Blood / Belle Starr / Boot Hill / Dan Candy's Law / ...Western4:3NR
Bullet For Sandoval (Trinity Home Entertainment)Western4:3PG
Great American Westerns, Vol. 05: Any Gun Can Play / She Came To The Valley / Northwest Trail / The Naked Hills / Mohawk / ...Western4:3PG-13
World War II Movies: The Battle Of El AlameinWar4:3PG
Any Gun Can PlayWesternLBXNR
Double Game (2-Disc)Horror4:3NR
They're Coming To Get YouHorror4:3NR
LiberatorsAction & Adventure4:3NR
Case Of The Scorpion's Tail (Uncut)ThrillerLBXNR
Fistful Of LeadWestern4:3NR
The Spaghetti WesternWesternsNTSC
The Case of the Bloody IrisArt House & InternationalNR
Massacre TimeAction & AdventureNTSCUnrated
Devil Has 7 FacesArt House & InternationalDVD-VideoNR
A Bullet for SandovalAction & AdventureWidescreenPG-13
The Battle of El AlameinNTSC
20-Movie Western PackFull ScreenNR
Great American Western V.7, TheWesternsNTSCNR
The Great American Western Vol. 3WesternsNTSCPG-13
Spaghetti Western Pack 2Full ScreenNR
Payment in Blood & Red Blood & Yellow GoldWesternsWidescreen
My Dear KillerArt House & InternationalWidescreenUnrated
All the Colors of the DarkArt House & InternationalDVD-VideoR
Las Noches Secretas de Lucrecia Borgia (Secret Nights)Art House & InternationalNTSCUnrated
10,000 MORE Ways to Die - Spaghetti Western Film CollectionNTSCR
Fistful of LeadAction & AdventureNTSCNR