Hayes, George

My Pal Trigger (Unicorn Video)Western4:3NR
Gold Strike River (a.k.a Lucky Texan)Western4:3NR
Great American Western, Vol. 33: In Old Cheyenne / The Arizona Kid / Ridin Down The Wild Canyon / IdahoWestern4:3NR
Phantom BroadcastMystery & Suspense4:3NR
John Wayne Collection (Madacy/ Old Version): Man From Utah / Sagebrush Trail / Riders Of Destiny / The Star Packer / Dawn RiderWestern4:3NR
Man Utah (Madacy) / Sagebrush / Riders / Packer: John Wayne Double FeatureWestern4:3NR
AMC Westerns: Arizona Kid / Robin Hood Of PecosWestern4:3NR
Hopalong Cassidy (Image): 3 On The Trail / Hopalong Cassidy ReturnsAction & Adventure4:3NR
Lucky Texan (Delta Entertainment) / Desert TrailWestern4:3NR
Roy Rogers: My Pal TriggerWestern4:3NR
Great American Western, Vol. 04: The Man From Utah / Hell Town / The Desert Trail / Angel And The BadmanWestern4:3NR
Hopalong Cassidy (Image): Trail Dust / BorderlandWestern4:3NR
In Old Cheyenne (Alpha Omega)Western4:3NR
John Wayne 4 On 1: Lucky Texan / Hell Town / Desert Trail / Man From UtahWestern4:3NR
Man From Utah (Platinum) / Utah TrailWestern4:3NR
Roy Rogers: My Pal Trigger / Cowboy And The SenoritaWestern4:3NR
Sunset In El DoradoWestern4:3NR
Roy Rogers 20 Movie Pack: Arizona Kid / Bells Of Rosarita / Bells Of San Angelo / Billy The Kid Returns / Carson City Kid / ...Western4:3NR
John Wayne (Madacy/ 2-Pack): The Man From Utah / Sagebrush Trail / Riders Of Destiny / Star-PackerWestern4:3NR
Young Bill Hickok (GoodTimes Media)Western4:3NR
William Boyd: Ultimate Hopalong Cassidy Collection (5-Disc): Hop-A-Long Cassidy / The Eagle's Brood / Bar 20 Rides Again / ...Western4:3NR
Days Of Jesse James (GoodTimes Media)Western4:3NR
Days Of Jesse James (Alpha Video)Western4:3NR
Lucky Texan (Platinum) / Texas BuddiesWestern4:3NR
In Old Cheyenne (GoodTimes Media)Western4:3NR
Roan Western Pack: Days Of Jesse James / King Of The Cowboys / Roll On Texas Moon / Hands Across The Border / ...Western4:3NR
Hopalong Cassidy (Image): Hopalong Cassidy / Bar 20 Rides AgainAction & Adventure4:3NR
Sunset SerenadeWestern4:3NR
Charlie's Little DevilsLate Night4:3UR
Horror Classics, Vol. 18: House Of Mystery / Juggernaut / Mesa Of Lost Women / Horrors Of Spider IslandHorror4:3PG-13
Roy Rogers: Days Of Jesse JamesWestern4:3NR
House Of MysteryHorror4:3NR
Roy Rogers: The Ranger And The LadyWestern4:3NR
Arizona Kid (Miracle Pictures)Western4:3NR
Along The Navajo TrailWestern4:3NR
Great American Western, Vol. 16: In Old Cheyenne / The Arizona Kid / Ridin' Down The Wild Canyon / Idaho / ...Western4:3NR
John Wayne Collection (Madacy): Man From Utah / Sagebrush Trail / Riders Of Destiny / The Star Packer / Dawn RiderWestern4:3NR
Man From Utah (Miracle Pictures) / Randy Rides Alone: John Wayne Double FeatureWestern4:3NR
My Pal Trigger (Ideal Entertainment) / Grand Canyon TrailWestern4:3NR