Guzmán, Luis

Traffic (Universal/ Movie-Only Edition)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Family Business (1989)ComedyLBXR
RooftopsAction & Adventure4:3R
Q & A (Fox)Action & AdventureLBX, 16:9R
Mind PreyAction & Adventure4:3NR
Boogie Nights (Platinum Edition/ 2-Disc/ Old Version)Drama4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9R
Waiting (2005/ Pan & Scan/ R-Rated Version)Drama4:3 P&SR
Innocent Blood / Creepshow (Back-To-Back)HorrorVARVAR
Austin Powers: Goldmember (Special Edition/ Widescreen) / Dumb And Dumber (2-Pack)ComedyLBX, 16:9PG-13
Confidence (Lions Gate)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Bone Collector (Collector's Edition)Mystery & SuspenseLBX, 16:9R
Traffic (USA/ Movie-Only Edition)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Boogie Nights (Special Edition/ 1-Disc)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Austin Powers: Goldmember (Special Edition/ Widescreen)ComedyLBX, 16:9PG-13
Traffic (USA/ Special Edition/ USA)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Confidence (Lions Gate/ Alternate Packaging)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Out Of Sight (1998/ DTS)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Punch-Drunk Love (Cancelled)Comedy/DramaLBX, 16:9R
Bone Collector (Collector's Edition) / Sea Of Love (Double Feature)ThrillerLBX, 16:9R
Hard Way (Special Edition)ComedyLBX, 16:9R
Caught Up (Special Edition)Action & Adventure4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9R
Limey (Special Edition)Mystery & SuspenseLBX, 16:9R
Double Whammy (Special Edition)ComedyLBX, 16:9R
Waiting (2005/ Widescren/ R-Rated Version/ UMD)DramaLBX, 16:9, UMDR
Dumb And Dumberer (Special Edition)ComedyLBX, 16:9PG-13
Boogie Nights (Platinum Edition/ 2-Disc)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Welcome To CollinwoodComedyLBXR
Snake Eyes (Checkpoint)Mystery & SuspenseLBXR
Waiting (2005/ Pan & Scan / Unrrated Version)Drama4:3 P&SR
Count Of Monte Cristo (2002/ Buena Vista/ Special Edition)Action & AdventureLBX, 16:9PG-13
Innocent Blood / Creepshow (Side-By-Side)HorrorVARVAR
Home Invaders (Special Edition)Action & AdventureLBXNR
Urban Collector's Pack: Caught Up / Substitute / Substitute 2: School's OutAction & AdventureVARVAR
Count Of Monte Cristo (2002/ Koch/ 2-Disc)Action & AdventureLBX, 16:9PG-13
Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story (Widescreen)FamilyLBX, 16:9PG
Confidence (TriMark/ Special Edition)DramaLBXR
Traffic (Criterion/Voyager/ Special Edition)DramaLBX, 16:9R
Waiting (2005/ Widescreen/ Unrated Version/ Blu-ray)ComedyLBX, 16:9, BLU-RAYUR
Adventures Of Pluto NashComedyLBXPG-13