Fox, Vivica A.

Independence Day (Widescreen/ 1-Disc Special Edition/ Sensormatic)SciFiLBX, 16:9PG-13
Bible: Solomon (Special Edition)DramaLBXNR
World Destruction (Box Set)VARVARVAR
Missing: Season 2TV Classics4:3NR
Hair Show (New Line)ComedyLBX, 16:9PG-13
Getting PlayedComedyLBXPG-13
Saintly SwitchComedy4:3NR
Set It Off / Fallen (Special Edition)Drama4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9R
Motives 2: RetributionThriller4:3R
Kingdom Come (Special Edition)FamilyLBXPG
Two Can Play That Game (Special Edition) / The Brothers (Special Edition)Comedy4:3R
Juwanna Mann (Special Edition)ComedyLBX, 16:9PG-13
Ella Enchanted (Special Edition/ Widescreen)ComedyLBX, 16:9PG
Independence Day (Widescreen/ 1-Disc Special Edition) / Abyss (Movie-Only Edition)SciFiVARPG-13
Independence Day (Widescreen/ 10th Anniversary Edition/ 2-Disc)SciFiLBX, 16:9PG-13
Independence Day (Widescreen/ 1-Disc Special Edition/ Lenticular)SciFiLBX, 16:9PG-13
Boat Trip (R-Rated Version/ Pan & Scan)Comedy4:3 P&SR
Kill Bill, Vol. 1Action & AdventureLBX, 16:9R
Set It OffDrama4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9R
Independence Day (Pan & Scan/ Movie-Only Edition)SciFi4:3 P&SPG-13
Teaching Mrs. TingleMystery & SuspenseLBX, 16:9PG-13
Bones (Special Edition) / Set It Off (2-Pack/ Back-To-Back)VAR4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9R
Independence Day (Widescreen/ 2-Disc Special Edition/ DigiPak)SciFiLBX, 16:9PG-13
Bible: Genesis / Esther / Jeremiah / Solomon (4-Pack/ Special Edition)DramaLBXNR
Booty Call (Bootiest Edition)ComedyLBX, 16:9UR
Independence Day (Pan & Scan/ Movie-Only Edition/ Old Version)SciFi4:3 P&SPG-13
Apollo At 70: A Hot Night In HarlemMusic4:3NR
Boat Trip (R-Rated Version/ Pan & Scan/ UMD)Comedy4:3 P&S, UMDR
Two Can Play That Game (Special Edition)Comedy4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9R
Kill Bill, Vol. 1 (UMD)Action & AdventureLBX, 16:9, UMDR
Independence Day (Widescreen/ 1-Disc Special Edition)SciFiLBX, 16:9PG-13
Bible: Genesis (Special Edition)Drama4:3NR
Independence Day (Pan & Scan/ 1-Disc Special Edition/ Sensormatic)SciFi4:3 P&SPG-13
Independence Day (Widescreen/ 2-Disc Special Edition)SciFiLBX, 16:9PG-13
Blast!Action & Adventure4:3R
Booty CallComedy4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9R
Ella Enchanted (Special Edition/ Pan & Scan)Comedy4:3 P&SPG
Hair Show (UrbanWorks)Comedy4:3NR
Hustle And HeatDramaLBXR