Fitzgerald, Geraldine

Easy Money (1983) / Back To School (1986)Comedy4:3 P&S, LBX, 16:9NR
Kennedy (Koch)Drama4:3NR
Arthur 2: On The RocksComedyLBXPG
Dark Victory (Warner Brothers/ Old Version)Drama4:3NR
Arthur / Arthur 2: On the RocksComedyVARPG
Kennedy (Lance Entertainment/ Dist. by Wellspring)Drama4:3NR
Last American HeroAction & Adventure4:3PG
Dark Victory (MGM/UA)Mystery & Suspense4:3NR
Wuthering Heights (1939)Drama4:3NR
Jodie Foster 2 Movie Set: Echoes Of A Summer / MesmerizedDrama4:3NR
Kennedy (Lance Entertainment/ Dist. by DVD International)Drama4:3NR
Dixie: Changing HabitsComedy4:3NR
Jilting Of Granny WeatherallDrama4:3NR
Easy Money (1983)Comedy4:3 P&S, LBXR
Ah, Wilderness!Family4:3NR
Forget-Me-Not LaneComedy4:3NR
Widowing Of Mrs. HolroydDrama4:3NR
Bye Bye MonkeyDramaLBX, 16:9NR
Dark Victory (Warner Brothers)Drama4:3NR
Beyond The HorizonDrama4:3NR
The Jilting of Granny WeatherallDramaDVD-VideoNR
Dark VictoryDramaNTSCNR
Dark Victory (Restored and Remastered Edition)DramaNTSCNR
The Bette Davis Collection (The Star / Mr. Skeffington / Dark Victory / Now, Voyager / The Letter)ClassicsNTSCNR
Eugene O'Neill's Ah, Wilderness! (Broadway Theatre Archive)ComedyFull ScreenNR
Bye Bye MonkeyArt House & InternationalWidescreenNR
LovespellArt House & InternationalFull ScreenUnrated
The PawnbrokerClassicsDVD-VideoUnrated
The Last American Hero (AKA Hard Driver)Action & AdventureNTSCPG
Easy MoneyComedyLetterboxR
Kennedy: The Complete SeriesDramaNTSCNR
Forget-Me-Not Lane (Broadway Theatre Archive)DramaNTSCNR
Watch On The Rhine [DVD]NTSCNR
ArthurComedyPan & ScanPG
Arthur 2 - On the RocksComedyWidescreenPG
Dixie Changing HabitsComedyNTSCNR