Angle, Kurt

WWE: No Mercy 2004Special Interest4:3NR
WWE: Vengeance 2006Special Interest4:3NR
WWE: SummerSlam 2004 (Recalled)Special Interest4:3NR
WWF: Royal Rumble 2001Special Interest4:3MA13
WWE: Judgment Day 2006Special Interest4:3NR
WWE: King Of The Ring 2002Special Interest4:3MA13
WWE: E.C.W.: One Night Stand 2Special Interest4:3NR
WWE: Armageddon 2002Special Interest4:3MA13
WWE: No Mercy 2002Special Interest4:3MA13
Bullfighter (Pathfinde)Comedy4:3NR
WWE: Hard Knocks: Chris Benoit Story (UMD)Special Interest4:3, UMDNR
WWE: WrestleMania (20) XXSpecial Interest4:3NR
WWE: WrestleMania (19) XIXSpecial Interest4:3MA13
WWE: Royal Rumble 2003Special Interest4:3MA13
WWE: Armageddon 2005Special Interest4:3NR
WWF: Before They Were WWF SuperstarsSpecial Interest4:3NR
WWE: SummerSlam 2003Special Interest4:3MA13
WWF: No Mercy 2001Special Interest4:3MA15
WWE: Royal Rumble 2006Special Interest4:3NR
WWE: Great American Bash 2004Special Interest4:3NR
WWE: No Way Out 2006Special Interest4:3NR
WWE: Before They Were Superstars 2Special Interest4:3NR
WWF: BacklashSpecial Interest4:3MA13
WWE: John Cena: WorldlifeSpecial Interest4:3NR
WWE: No Mercy 2003Special Interest4:3MA13
Bullfighter (Universal)ComedyLBX, 16:9R
WWF: Invasion 2001Special Interest4:3MA13
WWE: Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero StorySpecial Interest4:3NR
WWE: Judgement Day 2005Special Interest4:3NR
WWF: WrestleMania (17) X-SevenSpecial Interest4:3MA13
WWF: No Way OutSpecial Interest4:3NR
WWE: WrestleMania (20) XX (Old Version)Special Interest4:3NR
WWE: No Way Out 2004Special Interest4:3NR
WWE: The Rise And Fall Of ECW / ECW One Night Stand 6.12.05 (2-Disc)Special Interest4:3NR
WWF: Survivor Series: Winner Take AllSpecial Interest4:3MA13
WWE: A Holiday Tribute To The Troops (2-Disc)Special Interest4:3NR
WWE: SummerSlam 2004Special Interest4:3NR
WWF: Judgment DaySpecial Interest4:3NR
WWE: No Way Out 2005Special Interest4:3NR
WWE: Royal Rumble 2005Special Interest4:3NR