Donovan, Robert

Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters (R-Rated Version)Late Night4:3R
Pretty Cool (MTI/ Special Edition)ComedyLBXNR
Counter Measures (Platinum)Action & Adventure4:3R
Counter Measures (Avalanche)Action & Adventure4:3R
Scandal: Passion And RomanceLate Night4:3UR
Erotic Sci-Fi 2 (4-Pack): Hidden Beauties: The Awakening / Phantom Love / Diary Of Lust / NoAngels.comLate Night4:3NR
Don't Sleep Here (a.k.a. Don't Sleep Alone)Thriller4:3R
Ocean Of Dreams (Unrated Version)Drama4:3UR
Frightening (Old Version)Horror4:3R
Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters (Unrated Version)Late Night4:3UR
Hazing (Special Edition)HorrorLBXR
Passion And Romance: Double Or NothingLate Night4:3UR
Trancers 6SciFi4:3R
Rod Steele 0014: You Only Live Until You Die (R-Rated/ Special Edition)Comedy4:3R
Scandal: The Big Turn OnLate Night4:3UR
Alien Files (Platinum) / CyberjackSciFi4:3R
Micro Mini-KidsFamily4:3NR
Hidden Beauties: The AwakeningLate Night4:3R
Scandal: 15 Minutes Of FameLate Night4:3UR
Fast Food (1998)Drama4:3NR
Intense Action: Counter Measures / AirspeedAction & Adventure4:3VAR
Black HorizonDrama4:3R
Sudden Impact: Counter Measures / The Inside ManAction & Adventure4:3R
Pretty Cool TooComedyLBXNR
Ocean Of Dreams (R-Rated Version)Drama4:3R
Ultimate AttractionLate Night4:3UR
Rod Steele 0014: You Only Live Until You Die (Unrated/ Special Edition)Comedy4:3UR
Intense Action: Counter Measures / Air Speed / Bad PackAction & Adventure4:3R
Agent RedAction & AdventureFull ScreenR
Pretty Cool TooComedyWidescreenR
Agent RedAction & AdventureWidescreenR
Alien FilesNTSCR
Alien FilesDramaAcademy RatioR
Don't Sleep Alone [VHS]Action & AdventureNTSCR
MurdercycleAction & AdventureNTSCPG-13