Devine, Andy

Over The Hill Gang (Direct Source) / The Over The Hill Gang Rides Again (Old Version)Western4:3NR
Star Is Born (1937 Master Tone)Drama4:3PG
Gay Ranchero (GoodTimes Media)Western4:3NR
Roy Rogers: Bells Of San Angelo / Under California StarsWestern4:3NR
Under California Stars (GoodTimes Media)Western4:3NR
Man Who Shot Liberty ValanceWesternLBX, 16:9NR
Over The Hill Gang (Miracle Pictures)Western4:3NR
Star Is Born (1937/ Pop Flix) / Eternally YoursDrama4:3NR
Roy Rogers: Old Spanish TrailWestern4:3NR
In Old ChicagoDrama4:3NR
Far Frontier (Alpha Omega)Western4:3NR
Gay Ranchero (Alpha Omega)Western4:3NR
Cowboys (Old Version)WesternLBX, 16:9PG
Stagecoach (1939/ Warner Brothers/ Old Version)Western4:3NR
Over The Hill Gang (Direct Source)Western4:3NR
John Wayne (Delta Entertainment/ 3-Pack): Stagecoach / McLintock! / The Dawn Rider / Texas TerrorWestern4:3NR
Eyes Of TexasWestern4:3NR
John Wayne: American Hero (2-Disc): The American West of John Ford / Angel and the Badman / The Dawn Rider / Lucky Texan / ...Western4:3NR
Stagecoach (1939/ Warner Brothers)Western4:3NR
Grand Canyon Trail (Unicorn Video)Western4:3NR
13 Family Classic Movies; A Star Is Born / Racketeer / Gulliver's Travels (Animated) / Managed Money / Inspector General / ...Family4:3NR
John Wayne: John Ford Film Collection: Stagecoach / The Long Voyage Home / Wings Of Eagles / Fort Apache / 3 Godfathers / ...WesternVARNR
John Wayne: The Signature Collection: Stagecoach / The Searchers / Rio Bravo / The CowboysVAR4:3NR
Under California Stars (VCI) / Bells Of San AngeloWestern4:3NR
Cowboys (Blu-ray)WesternLBX, 16:9, BLU-RAYPG
Under California Stars (Alpha Omega)Western4:3NR
John Wayne (Delta Entertainment/ 2-Pack): Stagecoach / McLintock!Western4:3NR
Star Is Born (1937/ D3K Films)Drama4:3PG
Springtime In The Sierras (GoodTimes Media)Western4:3NR
Cowboys (HD-DVD)WesternLBX, 16:9, HD-DVDPG
Over The Hill Gang Rides Again (Direct Source)Western4:3NR
Star Is Born (1937/ Digiview Entertainment)Drama4:3NR
Over The Hill Gang (Ideal Entertainment)Western4:3NR
Roy Rogers 2 On 1: Bells Of San Angelo / Under California StarsWestern4:3NR
Stagecoach (1939/ Warner Brothers/ Special Edition)Western4:3NR
Stagecoach (1939/ Delta Entertainment)Western4:3NR
Star Is Born (1937/ Alpha Video)Drama4:3PG
Cowboys (Old Version) / Rio Bravo (Old Version)WesternLBX, 16:9VAR
Star Is Born (1937/ United American)Drama4:3PG
Star Is Born (1937/ Delta Entertainment)Drama4:3PG