Stewart, Catherine Mary

Last Starfighter (Collector's Edition)SciFiLBX, 16:9PG
Perfect HarmonyDrama4:3NR
Comedy Collector's Pack: Earth Girls Are Easy / L.A. Story / Weekend At Bernie'sComedyVARVAR
AppleDrama4:3, LBXPG
Earth Girls Are Easy (Special Edition/ Old Version)ComedyLBX, 16:9PG
Ordeal In The ArcticDrama4:3PG
Weekend At Bernie's (Artisan/ Old Version)ComedyLBXPG-13
Weekend At Bernie's (MGM/UA)ComedyLBXPG-13
Passion And ParadiseDrama4:3NR
Dead SilentMystery & Suspense4:3NR
MischiefComedyLBX, 16:9R
Weekend At Bernie's (Artisan)ComedyLBXPG-13
Earth Girls Are Easy (Special Edition)ComedyLBX, 16:9PG
Night Of The CometComedy4:3PG-13
Weekend at Bernie's [VHS]NTSCPG-13
Weekend at Bernie'sAction & AdventureWidescreenPG-13
Weekend at Bernie'sAction & AdventureWidescreenPG-13
Van Wilder/Weekend at Bernie'sAction & AdventureNTSCPG-13
High School Hi-Jinx Double Feature: License to Drive/MischiefComedyWidescreenR
The Girl Next DoorDramaR
The Last StarfighterAction & AdventureAnamorphic WidescreenPG
The Last Starfighter - 25th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)Anamorphic WidescreenPG
The Last Starfighter [HD DVD]PG
The Last Starfighter 25th Anniversary EditionAction & AdventureWidescreenPG
Night of the CometAction & AdventureWidescreenPG-13
The AppleArt House & InternationalFull ScreenPG
Weekend at Bernie'sAction & AdventureFull ScreenPG-13
The Last Starfighter [VHS]Science Fiction & FantasyNTSCPG
Horror 4 Pack (Midnight Movie / The Attic / Carver / Outrage)WidescreenR
The AtticHorrorR
Perfect HarmonyDramaNTSCNR
Dead SilentMystery & SuspenseNTSCUnrated
Night Of The Comet (Collector's Edition) [BluRay/DVD Combo] [Blu-ray]WidescreenPG-13
Dead SilentUnknownNR
The Beach Girls [Blu-ray]NTSCR
Weekend at Bernie's [Blu-ray]WidescreenPG-13