Cooper, Gary

Love In The AfternoonDramaLBX, 16:9NR
Meet John Doe (PPI Entertainment)Drama4:3NR
Real West: Project 20-20Documentary4:3NR
Billy Wilder SpeaksDocumentary4:3NR
For Whom The Bell TollsDrama4:3NR
Farewell To Arms (1932/ Miracle Pictures)Drama4:3NR
Meet John Doe (Miracle Pictures)Drama4:3NR
Zane Grey Western Collection, Vol. 1: Fighting Caravans / Wagon Wheels / Nevada / West Of The PecosWestern4:3NR
High Noon (1952/ Movie-Only Edition)Western4:3NR
Farewell To Arms (1932/ Movie Classics)Drama4:3NR
Farewell to Arms (1932/ A2ZCDS)Drama4:3NR
Fighting Caravans (Lions Gate): Zane Grey CollectionWestern4:3NR
Farewell To Arms (1932/ Image/ Old Version)Drama4:3NR
Friendly PersuasionDramaLBXNR
High Noon (1952/ Special Edition)Western4:3NR
Classic Literature On Film (10-Movie Set): Farewell To Arms / Becky Sharp / Studs Lonigan / Oliver Twist / Whistle Stop / ...Drama4:3NR
Farewell To Arms (1932/ Digiview Entertainment)Drama4:3NR
Pride Of The Yankees (MGM/UA/ The 65th Anniversary)Drama4:3NR
Meet John Doe (Mill Creek Entertainment) / His Private SecretaryDrama4:3NR
Gary Cooper Giftset: Real Glory / Vera Cruz / Winning Of Barbara Worth Cowboy And The LadyWestern4:3NR
Mr. Deeds Goes To TownComedy4:3NR
Distant DrumsWestern4:3NR
Meet John Doe (VCI) / A Farewell To Arms: Gary Cooper Double FeatureDrama4:3NR
Ball Of Fire (HBO)Comedy4:3NR
Classic Award Winning Movies: A Farewell To Arms / The Private Life Of Henry VIII / Blood On The SunDrama4:3NR
Fighting Caravans (Movie Classics)Western4:3NR
AMC Movies: Gary Cooper Classics: Fighting Caravans / A Farewell To Arms / Meet John Doe / Stolen JoolsDrama4:3NR
Gary Cooper: Meet John Doe / On Film / Fighting CaravansDrama4:3NR
Farewell To Arms (1932/ Delta Entertainment)Drama4:3NR
Cloak And DaggerDrama4:3NR
AMC Movies: Gary Cooper & Edmond Obreien Collection: Fighting Caravans / A Farewell To Arms / Meet John Doe / Stolen Jools / ...Drama4:3NR
Farewell To Arms (1932/ Madacy)Drama4:3NR
Farewell To Arms (1932/ Pop Flix) / Meet John DoeDrama4:3NR
They Came To CorduraWestern4:3 P&S, LBXNR
Westerner (HBO)Western4:3NR
Farewell To Arms (1932/ Ideal Entertainment)Drama4:3NR
Westerner (MGM/UA)Western4:3NR